Shark Stanley in Raja Ampat!

About Shark Stanley: Our friends began the campaign as a group of students from the …

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Seacology Saporkreng Village

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Discovering the Raja Ampat Archipelago by sea kayak is easily one of the best ways …

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Mansoar Flying Club: Helicopter Bell 47G-B3-1

Helicopter Bell 47G-B3-1 The RARCC is organizing to have two Bell 47G-B3-1 helicopters stationed and …

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Dive Safety

Working in partnership with DAN Europe, one of our volunteers is working to set up …

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Sweet Potato and Moringa Development Project

Sweet potato and Moringa Development Project In the diet of the indigenous communities of the …

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In conjunction with Kayak4Conservation and collaboration with Papuans, the RARCC has established a network of …

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“Eyes on the Reef” Monitoring Project

In early February, RARCC staff and Papua Diving staff completed coral reef monitoring training in …

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Fiberglass Workshop and MFC small-engine mechanic

The RARCC is aiming to set up three education centres that offer quality vocational training …

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Septic Tanks

Nutrient pollution from emptying septic tank systems into the ocean is proving to have a …

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