The RARCC is aiming to set up three education centres that offer quality vocational training programs including (1) mechanic combustion motors, (2) fiberglass craftsmanship, and (3) woodwork practitioners. Besides educating the students, they will learn discipline with values and norms about how they could run their own enterprise. The aim is to educate Papuans, without preliminary education and low job prospects, professions through a vocational training program in mechanic combustion motors, as fiberglass craftsman, or woodwork practitioners to improve their opportunities for employment.

During the course pupils will work on different project, such as tool reparation, outrigger boat engines or aircraft engines, making furniture, or creating either longboats or kayaks. The demand for these final products is high, because there is little to no supply, or it is of low quality.

Currently we have an up-and-running Fiberglass workshop, as well as a small-engine mechanic intern through the Mansoar Flying Club working on the Bell 47 helicopters. In the Fiberglass workshop, the guys are working on building speed boats, a transfer boat for Papua Diving Resorts, longboats, single and double kayaks for Kayak4Conservation, as well as a glass-bottom boat.

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