Our Mission

As stewards of God’s creation, our mission is to support the indigenous communities and protect the natural environment in a way that is beneficial for both. We do so by providing alternative ways through which locals can generate an income, through education, and also by replacing destructive actions, such as illegal fishing and catching of bird or mammals living on the densely forested islands, and by protecting dense forests from being logged. Is is our mission to create a welcoming work environment and facilities to support researchers working in the area as well.


The RARCC engages indigenous communities in the deployment of financial self-reliant projects and small businesses which stimulate conservation and protection for the present and future generations of the Raja Ampat archipelago.

  • Enrich the lives of community members through employment and education
  • Provide interest free loans to local entrepreneurs
  • Offer facilities and support staff to scientists conducting research in the Raja Ampat archipelago
  • Raise awareness of the natural environment and the importance of conservation and protection
  • Reduce destructive and illegal fishing activities within the Raja Ampat archipelago
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders such as NGO’s, the government, and dive operators (dive resorts and liveaboards) to increase impact and create higher effectiveness
Kri Island. Credits: Luke Hosty
Kri Island. Credits: Luke Hosty

Our Partners