We are supporting Project Manager Sarah Lewis and her team from Manta Trust in gathering data on the Mantas in our area.

Her project includes activities in the field:

 Population monitoring (Manta birostris and Manta alfredi)

  • Photo-Identification of individual manta rays
  • Behavioural observations and habitat use (mating, cleaning, feeding)
  • Recording environmental conditions
  • Recording biological traits (sexual maturity, size, pregnancies, mating scars, injuries)

 Investigating movements and migration patterns (Manta birostris and Manta alfredi)

  • Explore “new” sites around the area
  • Using photo-ID to determine movements between different sites
  • Investigate the possibility of tagging (acoustic and/or satellite) for future research

Office/land based activities:

 Data analysis

  • Add manta sightings into database and determine whether individuals are “new” or “re-sightings”
  • Look for patterns within data set (e.g. seasonal changes in manta site use, abundance etc, correlations with moon phase and manta abundance)

Conduct workshops and presentations for resort staff and guests

  • Presentation about manta rays and our work
  • Training workshop on data collection and analysis techniques and how to get involved and assist with the research
  • Showing of a manta documentary


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