In 2012 the RARCC main building was completed. The ground floor includes the offices, wet research-room and a dry research-room, a toilet and a shower.

In total the RARCC is able to accommodate eight scientists/students and if needed, additional accommodation may be arranged by P.T. Papua Diving at Sorido Bay Resort or Kri Eco Resort.


RARCC Offices


Our dormitory can offer shared accommodation for up to eight people in four bunk beds. Bed linens and towels are provided, within the set ‘bench fee’.  As part of the lodging we have two shared toilets and two showers, and a communal kitchen available which includes all common cooking utilities needed. Food can be purchased and brought with you from Sorong, or on-site meals can be provided by a hired cook, or meals bought through Papua Diving resort with prior arrangement. Laundry facilities are available and washing lines for drying clothes are available.


RARCC Dormatory Accommodations

Besides accommodation and research rooms, the RARCC offers a jetty with boat access, working benches and running water, computers and Wi-Fi connection for online research support, books about the area, scientific writings, and history. Furthermore it is important to know that the buildings have 24/7 stable electricity supply.


Dry Lab


Wet Lab

Boat access to the marine environment of Raja Ampat may be arranged through Papua Diving Resorts, whose knowledgeable, local boatmen operate a number of small open and semi covered vessels, offering quick access to inshore and more distant sites. Fuel costs and approximate costs for accommodation, catering, and equipment can be negotiated depending on length of stay, agreed concessions, and rates of exchange.

The RARCC offers the following additional services (fees apply) to help scientist with any research or expedition projects:

  • Dive guides and assistants for marine researchers
  • Boat-driver and crew for conservation or expedition projects
  • Lab equipment (aquariums, dissection tables, etc. to be furnished with further equipment in the near future)
  • Detailed maps of the Raja Ampat archipelago.
  • Bell 47G-B3-1 helicopters and Ultralight Drifter for areal scientific surveys, to be completed in the near future

For more information on rates and other inquiries please contact us and see our Info binder.

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