How do I get there?

The distance between the island and Sorong, is about 75 km and takes about 1.5 – 2 hours by boat. Typical transfers are on Sunday mornings, usually four hours before your flight.

We will inform you of the time of your transfer boat departures.
For our standard transfer our guest-relations staff will guide you to the airport in Sorong.

Alternatively there is a public ferry that operates between Sorong and Waisai. From there we can arrange a speed boat to pick you up from Waisai. Please refer to the Fixed rates PDF below for more details.

Marine Park Entry Fee

Raja Ampat is a Marine protected area. All guests who are visiting Raja Ampat are required to purchase a Marine Park Tag. The fee for international visitors is Rp700,000 and Rp425,000 for Indonesian nationals. This can be done at the tourism office in Sorong, or in the Waisai harbor.

Time Zone

Indonesia has three time zones.
Western Indonesian Time : GMT +7 (Jakarta)
Central Indonesian Time : GMT +8 (Manado & Bali)
Eastern Indonesian Time : GMT +9 (Raja Ampat)

Climate Information

We are only a half-degree South of the Equator and so it does get pretty warm around here. To be prepared for this make sure you bring the following items:
• Wide brimmed hat.
• Long sleeved shirts – We find fishing shirts to work the best as they fit loosely, rash guards is much warmer.
• Sunglasses are very important due to the reflection off the water.
• Sunscreen.
• Your own water bottle or Camel Pack.

How much does it cost?

For Research Rates to apply: A project proposal must be submitted and approved by the RARCC board of directors.

If you are interested in staying at RARCC but not part of a research organization, please contact us for alternative options.

Kindly contact us to enquire on our rates and our Info binder.

What about Saturdays?

As our Resort and Center is open 365 days a year, most of our staff rest from Friday 18:30 until Saturday 18:30. Dive boats do not operate and our office will be closed until 18:30 on Saturday evenings.

Guests are invited to explore the island, swim, sun tan, snorkel, kayak, walk to the other resort, join the trip for birdwatching and enjoy some time off from diving, where applicable.


The meals we serve are wholesome, healthy, traditional Indonesian and Papuan dishes. Fresh supplies come by boat at least once a week from the market in Sorong where local people sell fruits, vegetables and spices. A selection of vegetables and fresh fish are also purchased from local villagers and fishermen.

In respect of our local staff and other guests, please wear a shirt in the dining area.

Electricity and Internet

Electricity is provided 24 hours a day by a generator, with 220Volt power sockets. Please note! Some appliances need 110Volt convertors. Please inform us well in advance in order to make such infrastructure available.

When leaving your room please consider the environment and please switch of air conditioning & lights to save fuel being consumed unnecessarily.

For maintenance purposes, generator oil needs to be changed every week, so power will be off usually for 20 – 30 minutes once a week. Please take note of this to safe-keep ongoing experiments.

We offer FREE Wi-Fi in the main building area and in your room. It is subject to availability and fair usage quota of 250 MB transfer per person per week. Additional quota can be purchased.


Although there are very few mosquitoes on the island, Malaria and Dengue Fever is present in Papua. Take special care in the early morning and just before sunset.

Long sleeves, long pants and sensible use of mosquito repellent will help to protect you.

What if there is an Emergency?

Please be aware that we are located in a remote area and your safety and health are of highest importance to us. We recommend that you take all safety precautions, and are not negligent or take any unnecessary chances.
We have emergency, first aid equipment and a local nurse based in Sorido Bay Resort, but it is far better to try to prevent any accidents.
Emergency Contact information:

Waisai Hospital – Dr. Agus Tel: 0853 9582 8989
General Hospital Sorong Tel: 0951 321 763 / 0951 321 850
Pertamina Hospital Sorong Tel: 0951 321 362 / 0951 321 581
Hyperbaric Health Manado, Hospital Pelayanan Tel: 0812 430 2970

DAN Europe 24h hotline Tel: +39 06 4211 8685 /
+39 06 4211 5685
DAN Asia Pacific Tel: +61 88 212 9242
Singapore Naval Medicine & Hyperbaric Center Tel: +65 750 5546

What do I need to bring?

We are quite isolated and it is difficult to locate, order, purchase, and ship equipment or supplies to our island. Please let us know well in advance for any materials or equipment you may need to carry out your work with us.
Bed linens and towels are provided in the dorm, and the kitchen is fully furnished.

Please make sure to bring your own toiletries and laundry soap (machines are available for use FOC). Don’t forget adequate sun protection, water bottles, bathing suits, and depending on the nature of your project, camping and expedition gear if applicable.

Dive gear may be rented from Papua Diving resorts, depending on availability.

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