Financial statements

Stichting RARCC – The Netherlands:

The RARCC has a current and savings account with the ABN AMBRO bank based in Hattem (the Netherlands). There is a Euro account and an US Dollar account to make donations and payments internationally more accessible. The financial statement is prepared by the independent administration office Jongerman, as of 2014 verified by the independent account firm Meeuwsen ten Hoopen, and published on the website annually.

The projects are in such a way designed that three-quarter (75%) of them are financial self-reliant. Through this the continuity and the success of the projects are safeguarded.

Expenditure policy

    • Generated profits will remain within the RARCC and are re-invested in other projects that are in their start-up phase either are not yet financially self-reliant;
    • Funds are deployed to initiatives that stimulate, among others, sustainable marine tourism, to increase conservation and protection within the Raja Ampat archipelago;
    • The commissionaires at the management level will not be financially compensated for their RARCC working activities;
    • The staff at the operational level will get accommodation and salaries for their commitment;
    • For expenses exceeding € 5,000 unanimous and jointly decision by the commissionaires at the management level is required;
    • Financial figures are reported by the management/operational level every three (3) months, to be accountable, to the treasurer in the board of directors;
    • The financial statement is published annually on the website,

Financial statement 2019:

Jaarrekening 2019

Financial statement 2018:

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Financial statement 2017:

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Financial statement 2016:

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Financial statement 2015:

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Financial statement 2014:

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Financial statement 2013:

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Financial statement 2012:

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Fiscaal nummer RARCC: 820603089

Financial report will be audited once a year by external accountant Meeuwsen Ten Hoopen

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