The RARCC team consists of a small dedicated team with a heart for the Papuan people and the natural environment.


Daniel Abimanju Carnadie (head)

Maximilian Johannes Ammer

Maximilian Mike Ammer

Septian Tri Pamungkas

Son Rumbiak


Commissioner/Director: Max Ammer

Commissioner/Treasure: Jack Vroling

Commissioner/Secretary: Dirjen Vorderman

Director’s assistants: Shannon Latumahina

Finance: Septian Tri Pamungkas, Putri Luisa

HR: Evita Matahari

If you would like to join our team, kindly send your resume and motivation letter to

The RARCC also supports volunteers if their projects and qualifications match our needs at the moment of the application.

However, if your idea is not in line with our needs, you can still stay at our facilities for a smaller cost, and we will try to help you to reach your goals. Please check more information about our Volunteer program and also about our facilities.

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