Research and Ware House

The building and construction is funded by Papua Diving, dedicated to conservation and research of this area.
Offering some key utilities to help you with any research or expedition projects.

The utilities we have that might assist you:

  • Diveguides – included in the cost of your stay (mainly for marine researchers)
  • Boats – this is key to any research, conservation or expediton project, this is the ONLY form of transport around this area.
  • Maps – We can boast with some of the most detailed maps that were done by the Dutch military in 1954
  • Computers – Internet for online research support


  • Kri Eco and Sorido Bay Resort with Papua Diving
  • Network of guesthouses that may serve as field posts around islands
  • Forestcamps for forest expeditions

At the moment within our own Center we are able to house 6 scientists/students. We offer this within the set ‘bench fee’. As part of the lodging we have a communal kitchen available which includes all common cooking utilities needed. 

In 2012 the RARCC completed the Main building. This includes the office, board room, a wet research- and a dry research area and jetty with boat access. All of this is on the ground floor. Accommodation including two bed rooms with a single bath room on the second floor is where the manager lives. Besides this there is a permanent staff room in the roof (attic) + accommodation for two scientists/students.

Utility building. Here we have on the ground floor shaded open space with working benches and running water. Accommodation for two scientists/students (including shower/toilet) is on the second floor as well as a dining area.

An additional accommodation building for up to 4 scientists/students (including shower/toilet) is at just 30 meters distance from the main building away for the sea.

By early 2014 we hope to complete an additional dorm building that is planned to have basic accommodation for 8 more scientists/students (including shower/toilet). With the wooden frame work complete at date, we believe to be done with this building before January 2014.

For larger groups accommodation can be arranged at adjunct Sorido Bay Resort and/or Kri Eco Resort. Combined there are 38 beds available there.

If you want more information please contact Max Ammer:


At current have a wet research-rooms and a dry research-room ready for laboratory use. These rooms have ample tables, chairs and shelves but are not yet equipped with research equipment. We hope to build this up in due time but until then all necessary equipment will need to brougt in. We do have numberous containers and some aquariums to keep specimens alive + two sizable work benches in a shaded environment. If you will need special equipment pls. contact us or bring this equimpent with you.


The office of the RARCC is stocked with books about the area, scientific writings ( on both land and under water topics) , history and military terrain studies. It will be important to know that we have 24/7 220V stable electricity supply and good Wifi internet connection that is kindly supplied to us by Papua Diving.

Additional support we would be happy to assist you with:

  • Cook/assistant – the use of kitchen facilities is included in the bench fee however not a cook. Having one appointed will give you more time for field work.
  • Dive-guides/assistants – (mainly for marine researchers)
  • Support for areal surveys – Drifter Experimental float plane (specifications of this unit)
  • Boats-driver/crew – a boat is included in the bench fee however not a driver. Having one will give you more flexibility.
  • Maps – We can boast with some of the most detailed maps of the Raja Ampat and most of the rest of Papua. The 1:100.000. maps were done by the Dutch military during 1958 – 1960
  • Computers – Internet for online research support


  •  Support for areal & or expedition use – Bell 47G-3B-1 helicopter on floats (registered as an experimental but 100% maintained according to specifications). (specifications of this unit)

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