The RARCC fiberglass team restored an old boat from Papua Diving to be donated to Ethnos360, a mission organization focused on humanitarian aid, education, and language preservation.

The plan was using the boat to assist missionaries on Kurudu Island, a small island in Papua province where more than 1200 people live.

Missionaries play an essential role in Papua, especially in remote areas where no one else wants to stay for a long-term to empower the local people, and where transportation is often a challenge.

Papua Diving donated the boat with both engines, a chair and boat buoys. It took several weeks last October to our team to make it ready.

By staying at Papua Diving and/or by supporting the RARCC directly, you are not only helping us to build a better future for the people of Raja Ampat through our projects, but also impacting lives in areas in Papua where not many tourists go. Find out how you can support us here.

  • Published: 4 years ago on February 11, 2020
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