We have the privilege of hosting the Papua United team for a week on their Selamat Tour 2015.

“Selamat” is an Indonesian word meaning peace, safety, and security. PU is working with us for a short while in the villages surrounding us here in Raja Ampat before moving on to other places in Papua. “Semua Harus Tahu” or “Everyone Must Know” is a project of PU focused on teaching HIV&AIDS awareness and prevention. Thousands of Papuans are greatly affected and directly influenced by the devastating effects of HIV&AIDS and unfortunately, many Papuans know little about this virus and its many dangers. PU uses soccer, short films, and drama to teach men and women what they can do to fight against HIV&AIDS and empowers them with the knowledge of prevention: to be “suci sebelum menikah” or “pure before marriage” and “setia setelah menikah” or “faithful in marriage.”

We are also using this opportunity to speak to the villagers about nutritional health – as we visited these villages, we are able to work with the men and women in their gardens for the sweet potato and moringa development project, surveying, and using education to combat malnutrition.

Join us in prayer for the islands of Raja Ampat, and for the whole land of Papua and the precious lives it holds. Pray also for the incredible Papua United team as well as the RARCC / Papua Diving team – that God’s will may be done, His Kingdom furthered, and that “selamat” is brought to this country.


Watch the Selamat Tour 2015 video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tS_r7YS5jOg

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