The Raja Ampat Research and Conservation Center (RARCC) and P.T. Papua Diving Resorts, the RARCC’s main supporter, welcomed 66 children from Yerweser, Batanta, for a study trip on Wednesday, the 25th September.

Children with the Sorido Bay Resort manager, Chris Harvey. Credits: Jade Rondonuwu

The children and teenagers had the opportunity to receive knowledge about different occupations, such as resort manager, resort assistant, director’s assistant, dive guide, mechanic, chef and housekeeper.

Students learn from Naya Kabes how to prepare the rooms for the guests. Credits: RARCC
Dwi Adrianto teaches the children how the maintenance team makes sure the rooms are in perfect condition. Credits: Ritly Risakotta

They also learned how to work in the departments of finance, logistics, construction and maintenance in the context of a remote island. For instance, how organized and united a team should be to make sure all the operational needs are guaranteed on time bearing in mind there are no stores close by and the environmental and financial costs of shipping.

The head of the construction team Bambang Arwani with some of the students. Credits: Patricia Maleke

Besides that, some of the staff explained to them how honesty and responsibility are mandatory qualities to work in a remote resort.

The students heard from Hendrik Mustamu about the tasks of the logistic team. Credits: Dolly Tahalele

They could see for the first time how to fill diving tanks, and learn about the safety measures involved.

Hebron Ginting shows the students how he fills the diving tanks. Credits: Patricia Maleke

They were taught about the RARCC projects, and could even see the moulds of our speedboats, longboats and kayaks, besides a new electric boat that our team is about to finish.

Shannon Latumahina and Bryand Rellely explain the RARCC projects to the students. Credits: Dolly Tahalele
Tino Sutiyono tells the children how we build boats and kayaks. Credits: Dolly Tahalele

After short visits to 12 departments in small groups, the students went to the mountain to see the RARCC helicopter and our hangar, where new helicopters are being built.

The study trip ended with amazed smiles after some kids had experimented how to use a kayak and learned about our conservation initiative Kayak4Conservation.

Dolly Tahalele introduces Kayak4Conservation to the students. Credits: Shannon Latumahina

After a day walking around, including through the mountain, the visitors felt tired, but couldn’t hold their smiles of full happiness and even shout for joy when they saw some baby sharks that almost every day swim in front of Sorido Bay Resort.   

Even though the students are also from an island in Raja Ampat, most of them don’t have the chance to see the world around them, not even the neighbouring villages. As a result, most of them only dream about becoming fishermen, housewives or teachers because these are the occupations they are more familiar with.  

The lesson about what a dive guide should know was taught by Yohanes Manuk. Credits: Ritly Risakotta

Thus, after had learned about different professions and the responsibilities that come with those occupations and had experienced being in new working environments, the pupils could allow themselves to dream bigger.

The students try the kayaks. Credits: Shannon Latumahina

We can’t thank enough to all the departments of P.T. Papua Diving Resorts, Kayak4Conservation and the RARCC involved in this study trip. Many of them became teachers for a day for the first time and welcomed the students with waves of patience, kindness and love.

Know more about our educational center in Yarweser here.

We couldn’t make this possible without your help. Thank you! If you want to support this project, please find more information here.

The students with some of their teachers and the management team of Sorido Bay Resort. Credits: Aurelius Kabes

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