The Raja Ampat Research and Conservation Centre (RARCC) organized a meeting about green energy with several stakeholders on Sunday evening at Sorido Bay Resort. On the eve of the World Environment Day (5th June), we discussed opportunities and challenges to improve our green energy project in Papua Diving – Sorido Bay & Kri Eco Resort and the RARCC.

Besides Max Ammer, the RARCC’s director and co-founder and manager of P.T. Papua Diving Resorts, and our resident technical instructor Rob Postma, Koji Nakahira, Makoto Fujita and Kenta Kobayashi, from Murata Manufacturing, one of the largest electronics components manufacturers in Japan, and their partners Kiyoshi Sato and Takehiko Hoshi, from Nagase & Co., Ltd., the Japan’s foremost chemical products trading company, also came for the meeting in Raja Ampat.

Matt Basinger, an expert in energy systems for developing countries and the founding principal at Advancing Engineering Consultants, and Dana Brandt, a solar-PR consultant and owner of the American company Ecotech Solar, shared their knowledge too. Hugo Heitling, from the Singaporean company Orange Delta Pte Ltd., was on Kri Island to measure the tidal currents and determine areas of opportunity to get energy from the currents before attending the event.

From the 28th May to the 5th June, the RARCC hosted a team from Murata Manufacturing and their counterparts at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) to connect their Energy Management System (EMS), a tool that effectively manages energy by combining multiple power sources, and to test it. This system consists of inverter units and energy storage, and it is connected to the resort’s electrical grid to improve fuel efficiency, thereby reducing the cost of power generation and promoting environmental sustainability.

Watch a video with Max Ammer about this innovative project run by Murata at Papua Diving and about the meeting here.

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