About Shark Stanley: Our friends began the campaign as a group of students from the Yale School of Forestry, and grew to a coalition of over 50 organizations. Their aim is to push decision makers at CITES to vote for increased protection of sharks and rays via more stringent international trade regulations. They will do this by working together to bring powerful, unified voices of young people calling for change to the international stage.

What we did: We created large-scale images of Shark Stanley, took them to the village of Saporkreng and the town of Waisai, socialized to the kids in the school, men at the local taxi stand, women in the stores, and at the Pasar Pinang market, teaching them the importance of conservation and the role of sharks in the balance of the ecosystem.

How you can help: Print & cut out these images (http://sharkstanley.org/cutouts-1/) take a picture with them, post it on your social media platforms, and tag it #sharkstanley

Follow Shark Stanley on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/SharkStanley/
Check out their website: http://www.sharkstanley.org/


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