The RARCC offers Papuans the opportunity to learn from zero how to make boats, such as speedboats, longboats and catamarans, besides single and double kayaks, and wheelbarrows from fiberglass, whose main ingredient is glass.

Our fiberglass team making a kayak.

Since glass is made from sand, an abundant and natural resource, this is a sustainable solution, especially compared to the wooden boats predominant in Raja Ampat. The demand for these final products is high, because there is little to no supply, or it is of low quality.

Our fiberglass team making a kayak.

Not only we have been giving jobs to the local people and teaching them how to build these things, but they also learn discipline with values and norms about how they could run their own enterprise.

There is no telling how great our joy is when we see our former students without preliminary education and low job prospects starting their own small businesses of boats building from fiberglass.

Part of the fiberglass team working in a catamaran. Credits: Luke Hosty

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