At the RARCC and Papua Diving, every drop counts. We get recycled water from rain gutters on the roofs, including in the hangar on the top of the hill. The pipe network will be expanded and will feed into a 75-cubic meter water storage tank on Kri island.

There is no source of fresh water on Kri island, therefore, without this system, we would have to get water from other islands by boat, which would put more pressure on the environment.

RARCC office and dormitory

We also harvest rainwater in Yerweser, where we built two houses for the teachers working at our education center. Thanks to this system, they don’t have to take their time to carry water from the well every day, except when there is a long period without rain in the village.

Teachers’ house in Yerweser

We plan to implement a new filtration system on Kri Island to have drinkable tap water. For now, we refill water gallons in the closest city.

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