The Mansoear Flying Club (MFC), the RARCC’s aviation club, has one Bell 47G-B3-1 helicopter stationed and operative on Kri island, and is putting together a second one. Funds granted by the Conservation International were allocated to the first helicopter.

The Bell helicopters increase the possibilities and accessibilities of monitoring the area and detecting illegal activities in the larger Raja Ampat archipelago, such as fin fishing of sharks, logging of tropical forest, and others. When discovering and identifying illegal activities, official authorities can be alarmed to stop these actions.

The Bell helicopters can support scientific expeditions, by transporting scientists to remote areas where they can do research in different research fields of interest, such as unidentified animals, insects, plants.

The Bell helicopters will also be used in collaboration with Frontier Aviation. Activities are to reach isolated tribes, to transport missionaries and supplies to these remote areas besides training Papuans in aviation and mechanics.

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